You have this one life. How are you spending it?

Do you spend it apologizing or regretting?

Do you spend it questioning or hating?

Do you spend it in FEAR or FAITH?

How are you spending your Life?

What do you do when your thoughts drives you towards FEAR? Do you ride on or you hold the breaks?


FEAR imprisons YOU


Life wasn’t built just for laxity, there are some hardships in it and it comes with WILD THOUGHTS and FEAR. So you have to be smart and alert to overcome thoughts that will weigh you down.

So many people do not make it in life not because they are dull or lazy but because they were held back by FEAR and had no COURAGE to take the BRAVE step towards achieving their goals.

I once came in contact with one of my mate whom we both attended Primary school. She used to be one of the best students back in our Primary school days. Having a talk with this young lady, she confessed to me how life is being unfair to her, each time she have an idea and wish to bring it to reality, something holds her back with thoughts of “People are doing that already so you won’t make it if you do it”, “There are high chances of you failing, so don’t do it” and when this thoughts comes in, she automatically gives up. Hearing this was not a surprised because I go through such thoughts too and I discovered they were thoughts of FEAR, FEAR of the UNKNOWN.

We are Humans and so are entitle to FEAR but what makes us BRAVE is how we oppress that FEAR and go for what we want. At times FEAR is there to protect us of the UNKNOWN DANGER and most at times FEAR is there to weigh us from riding on. When you are being caught with FEAR, simply overcome it by GIVING A TRY. It is better to GIVE A TRY and FAIL than to sit down doing nothing all because you have the crown of FEAR on your head.

I became hooked up with FEAR the moment I went into creating a blog. I asked myself if my writings will be read and my points of writing seen, I started my first write-up and deleted it because I taught it makes no sense. For hours sited on my laptop, I was unable to do something of more value and impact but because of how courageous I am, because I like GIVING A TRY, I did give a try and waited for hours but neither did anyone commented nor liked, no one followed me. FEAR then whispered to me “I TOLD YOU, NO ONE WAS GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU”. Those words made me sad and at the point of GIVING UP, COURAGE walked in and whispered “DON’T GIVE UP, A HOUSE ISN’T BUILT IN THE NOW, IT TAKES SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS AND SOMETIMES IT TAKE YEARS TO COME UP WITH A HOUSE. SO DO NOT GIVE UP”. I smiled and YES, I didn’t give up and I don’t think I will give up not while I live. I may only give up the day I go to eternal rest (DIE).

So don’t give up no matter the obstacle that comes your way. Put on a challenge to overcome that FEAR no matter how hard it may seems, never succumb to it. Be BRAVE to say YES, I CAN, YES, I WILL GIVE A TRY.

Never allow yourself to become one of those people who, when they are old, they start telling you how they missed their chances. You must not be as good as you want to be, you must not be as great as you will like to be but you work on being BRAVE and COURAGEOUS for it will take you to being much better than you used to be or wish to be.



Growing up to the stage I am today, I discovered everybody is a liar. No matter our statuistock-638125112s in life, we all lie on daily base. Someone who is not smart enough will never realized you LIED. “I AM FINE”, it is easy for people to respond you when you ask How they are doing using “I AM FINE”.

It has come to my notice that 87% of people who always use “I AM FINE” are never FINE. The words “I AM FINE” has different interpretations and is been used for various reasons. “I AM FINE” to some people is just a way of cutting a conversation from going further, “I AM FINE” to others simply means they are TRULY FINE while to others even if their facial looks shows they are not FINE, they still get to use “I AM FINE” just because they are BRAVE, they are COURAGEOUS to face the “NOT” and can conquer the pain that makes them NOT FINE.

So not everyone who replies you with “I AM FINE” is TRULY FINE… Only STRONG people do say they are FINE with a smile on their face that convince you and makes you believe they are FINE even when they are NOT. 

So in order to know who is FINE and who is NOT, you just have to agree to everyone who says HE/SHE is FINE. Sometimes we force people to talk when they are actually not ready to express themselves to you. Sometimes we try hard to question their looks which is not necessary. So we must all learn to accept replies from friends and family.

If you insist to much on knowing if truly a friend is not FINE you might just end up not being FINE cause not everyone who is trying to cover up his/her pain will actually hold his/herself from being rude when being pressurize to talk.

So be careful when asking people if they are okay and learn to accept whatever response. Not every response needs further questioning. If a friend says he/she is FINE no need asking if he is sure. Just simply reply with an “OK” unless he/she says “NO. I’M NOT OK” before you ask WHY.

“I AM FINE” is cunning.

BDMA 2018

pp (1)Every great man once saw greatness impossible for him but never did they give up and that’s why today they are known as GREAT MEN. It may seem impossible at the beginning but never back-down.

In 2017, a young boy whom had dreams and did not just make those dreams end at the level of his sleep but rather groomed the ideas and made it come to reality. Bonteh Engelbert came up with an event to celebrate media personalities and appreciate them for their good works as far as media is concerned. He named the event The Bonteh Digital Media Award.

Same 2017, the first edition of this BDMA was held in Buea on the 22nd of December at Eta Palace Hotel Molyko-Buea, South West Region of Cameroon with sponsors like Orange.

In this year 2018, the 2nd edition of the Bonteh Digital Media Award will be in La Falais Diamond Douala-Bonanjo in the Littoral Region of Cameroon and will be hosted on the 19th of December.

The 2018 edition of the BDMA has 20 categories, 100 nominees and among the 100 nominees, only 20 winners will be crowned. Amongst the 100 nominees lies; Bloggers (Both French and English), Journalist (Both French and English) and many more.

Furthermore, at this year’s event, the BDMA has a dressing code which is Gown for the ladies and Suit for the men. And at the end of it all, the best dressed man and best dressed lady will go home with a parcel as a gift. The criteria for these Suit and Gown challenge will be judge on Confidence, so you have to be confident with what you wear.

Join us this December as we all gather to showcase the winner of each category.

Don’t miss the opportunity of meeting and networking with great minds just like they won’t want to miss not having to meet you. So BE THERE.

Become a Partner or Sponsor by contacting +237 656 403 542 OR +237 650 2111 482 and also contact for your tickets.